Cheese Naan


Cheese naan is a soft and fragrant flatbread made of thin yeast dough, with a crispy crust, in addition to cheese and spicy spices. Indian bread is cooked in a tandoori clay oven. Cheese naan is served with traditional Indian curry, for example, Dal Makani (black mash, red beans, chana dal chickpeas) or soup – Tom Yam (spicy soup with shrimp, Thai sauce, lemongrass, bamboo, shiitaki and cherry tomatoes, served with rice)

Cheese Naan is a delicious aromatic Indian flatbread made of yeast dough, sprinkled with cheese. Indian bread is cooked in a tandoori clay oven and served hot. It goes well with side dishes, for example, Wedge Biryani (fried rice with vegetables and curry seasoning, served with raita), or with a traditional dish from the curry section – Chicken Curry (pieces of chicken fillet in curry sauce).

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